Lindka and Zaffy

Continuing our series on whippets who live with famous folk, meet Zaffy beloved companion of Lindka Cierach, couturier and fashion designer. Lindka has graced our small screens in television programmes such as Ladette to Lady but is best known for the dresses she designs for The Princess Royal and The Duchess of Cambridge. Beautiful fawn girl Zaffy is lucky enough to share Lindka’s glamorous life. Clearly they’re the best of chums.

This is the fourth in a series of short features about famous people and their whippets. You can also read about Jennifer Saunders and her mum Jane’s whippets, Olive and Pip, Brian Sewell and his whippet Jack, and the photographer Rankin, his wife Tuuli and their whippet Beans, complete with a divine shot of Beans and Tuuli selected by Rankin especially for us … just follow the links. Our newest featured whippets are Mr Bounce, constant companion to Lord Palumbo of Southwark, and Hector, great friend of Sebastian Faulks.

Image supplied by, and posted with the permission of, Lindka Cierach.

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