JR Whippet Rescue

For 50 years JR Whippet Rescue has been helping whippets in need. Whippets who have been lost, abandoned, or have strayed. Whippets who have been neglected or ill treated and are suffering physical and/or mental distress. Whippets who are threatened with destruction or with sale to a dealer. Whippets whose owners are experiencing life changes incompatible with continuing to care for their dogs. Whippets, most importantly, who may not survive without our help and yours.


Every year JR Whippet Rescue secures the futures of a 100 or more whippets genuinely in need of rescue or urgent rehoming.

We couldn’t do this without our many dedicated and generous supporters.

To offer a whippet a home, or to advise us of a whippet in need of our assistance please email rehoming@whippetrescue.org.uk or call us on  01359 259300.

To offer assistance with fundraising, fostering, or the transport of whippets in need, please see Get Involved

JR Whippet Rescue Shop

You can also support JR Whippet Rescue by buying from our online shop. All proceeds go to JR Whippet Rescue. Any queries, please contact the shop either by email – shop@whippetrescue.org.uk  or telephone –  01562 850827