I wonder how many of our supporters do their weekly supermarket shop online, or regularly buy from Amazon, or many other online stores. Now, by just clicking a few buttons, you can set things up so that every time you hit the checkout pennies are donated to your favourite charity, which we’re hoping is us!

Here’s how to do it …

First you need to log in to Give as You Live … they’ll just need your name and an email address.

Click the ‘How it Works’ tab – it’s to the right of the little ‘shopping trolley in a heart’ icon, toward the top of your screen, as visible in the pic at the bottom of this post – and then the ‘Get Started’ button, and …

… this box will pop up.

Give as you live screenshot 1

Next, select the charity you wish to support. Just type in “J R Whippet Rescue”, search, and click on the charity’s ‘badge’ when it pops up …

Give as you live screenshot 2

… and you’ll see this screen. Now click where you see ‘Install Give as you Live’.

Give as you live screenshot 3

And lastly, click on the install ‘cloud’, and then restart your computer.

Give as you live screenshot 4

All that remains is to activate your account by adding a security password, and you’re done.

Give as you live screenshot 5

ou can even raise additional money for us by recommending Give as You Live to your friends.

JR Whippet Rescue depends on monies from donations and bequests, and in a world where ever more demands are being made on shrinking incomes our income is falling too. This is one small way that you can help us to keep helping whippets in need. Please sign up today. Thank you.