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(You must read and confirm that you understand the adoption process before you can fill in the application form)

JR Whippet Rescue are responsible for the rescue and rehoming of hundreds of Whippets each year. We are a close-knit team of people who are all passionate about the welfare and wellbeing of Whippets and we pride ourselves on responsible rehoming and finding Whippets the best possible homes for their individual needs. Below is full information about our adoption process. Please read it carefully and in full BEFORE submitting your adoption application.

  • When applying to adopt you must first fill out our Adoption Application Form, this will be submitted to the Rehoming team, and you will receive a response from our Rehoming coordinator depending on your situation (please check your spam folder for this).
  • We keep adoption applications on file for 6 months and we will be in touch with you further if we have a Whippet that may be suited to you. We may arrange for you to have a home visit during this time so that you are ready IF a Whippet becomes available for you. If we haven’t been able to find you a suitable match within 6 months, we will automatically remove you from our waiting list, but please do feel free to reapply if you would like to remain on our adoption waiting list for a further 6 months. Please let us know by email if you would like to be removed from our waiting list before this time.
  • We do not have a base or kennel facility, so we work closely with foster carers throughout the UK to help us assess the Whippets before adoption takes place. We also speak in detail with the previous owner to gather as much information as possible about the Whippet to help us to find them the most suitable new home. In some circumstances the Whippet may go directly to a new home rather than via a foster home.
  • It is rarely possible for new adopters to meet the Whippet before adoption takes place which is why it is important for you to be honest with us about your situation so that we can match you to a Whippet most suited to your home/lifestyle. We will however send photos and information about the Whippet to you first and discuss in detail if they may be right for you.
  • We are always here for help and support during the settling in period and for the lifetime of the Whippet. We will always take the Whippet back into our care if it doesn’t work out or you need them to return to us for any reason, whether that be after 1 day or 14 years (This is stated in your adoption agreement too).
  • We are always here to help and support any JR adopted dogs and their adopters with pre-existing behavioural/medical problems and we are also happy to offer help with any initial behavioural training or veterinary treatment that may be needed but adopters need to be understanding too.
  • We carry out home visits before allowing adoptions to take place – this isn’t usually anything to worry about, we just like to know where our Whippets will be going, ensure the environment is safe for a Whippet and discuss everything in detail to help you with the settling in process.
  • We try and ensure each dog comes home with the essential items they will need but in some emergency rescue / rehome situations this may not be possible. We speak to each potential adopter individually about the Whippets that may be a good match for them and let them know what they will need to get in preparation for the Whippets arrival.
  • The Whippets – We help a variety of beautiful Whippets each month but please understand that many come to us with temperament or health problems that need ongoing training / treatment. The most common problems we see are separation anxiety and reactiveness. ALL potential adopters need to bear this in mind when applying to adopt as most of our Whippets will need patient and understanding adopters who can help them blossom into wonderful pets.
  • Whippets and Children – Whippets are known for their fantastic, kind, and gentle natures. Many Whippets are excellent with children, but we do get quite a few into our care that can’t live with children. We will only rehome a Whippet with children if we know that they have successfully and happily lived with children previously. The ages of children we allow Whippets to be homed with will vary depending on each individual dog. Children must be sensible and respectful of the dog, and they must NEVER be left unsupervised with the dog at any time.
  • Cat friendly Whippets – We very rarely have cat friendly Whippets available. It is obviously important for the safety of all involved that we know a Whippet is cat friendly when rehoming with cats. We will only allow a Whippet to be rehomed with cats if they have happily and successfully lived with cats previously.
  • Puppies – We occasionally have puppies under 1 year old available for adoption, but this is extremely rare. You are welcome to apply for a puppy but please understand that you may have a very long wait. If you have decided a Whippet puppy is right for your family, then you may want to contact a REPUTABLE and RESPONSIBLE breeder. Please understand that Whippet puppies are not for the faint hearted though, they are extremely full on and naughty and very different compared to the older versions of themselves. If you do go to a breeder, please make sure you contact one that will be there for the lifetime support of you and the puppy.
  • We ask that you please be respectful of our working hours and allow us time to get back to you. We deal with so many enquiries, emails, phone calls, surrenders, and emergency rescues daily and we must get back to people in order of priority to ensure we can help all the Whippets that need us.
  • Our adoption fees are as follows –
    Whippet puppies up to 1 year old – £350
    Whippets 1 year old to 8 years old – £250
    Whippets 8 years old and over – £200

    (For pairs and special circumstances, we discuss the adoption fee depending on the individual situation).

JR Whippet Rescue

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Mrs Vanna Leathart
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