Beano and Colin

Meet Beano, a ‘JR whippet’, and his best mate Colin.

This photograph was taken a couple of years ago, at Daymer Bay in Cornwall, when Beano was about eight months old. He’s three now and Colin is just a year older. The two first met when Beano was in foster and Colin was introduced to him as a possible new ‘brother’ and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Beano was adopted by David and Barbara and we’re told that in their fifty plus years of owning whippets they’ve rarely met one as delightful as him. He loves everybody and every dog, is as happy as the day is long, and likes nothing better than a good run and a chase.

But Beano is special in another way. In addition to Beano and Colin, David and Barbara have a fourteen year old rescue greyhound, Kate. She’s a very elderly lady now and needs extra care, and Beano helps with that. When Kate gets confused and wanders off he brings her back, and he sleeps with her at night to watch over her.

We often feature whippets here who are famous by proxy, because they live with public figures, but some whippets, like Beano, should be famous in their own right.

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Here they are again, on the same day. Come on Beano, Colin’s winning!

Beano and Colin 2