In early February 2016  we lost our fourteen year old whippet Thai and although we are both getting on, we decided we would like to rehome another whippet as a companion for our five year old whippet Kai.  We contacted  JR Whippet Rescue and as a result we arranged with Mrs. Wainman  to meet at Hawkesbury Upton to facilitate the transfer of Peanut, age four, into our care.

Black whippet with white trim

Peanut jumped into our  car and settled down into his bed.  Our other dog Kai and Peanut bonded immediately and have become good friends.  They play together, lie together and eat together.  At first when we took them for a walk we did not let Peanut off the lead until his microchip details had been updated to our ownership but when this was complete we let him off the lead.  On the first two occasions he did not respond to recall but to our delight he has since behaved  extremely well and his recall behaviour is excellent.  He runs and plays with other dogs that we meet on the walk and his running is a joy to behold.  He now looks forward to his two daily walks, as do we.  He is very affectionate to us and our family but the neighbourhood cats could be in some danger if he could only get to them.

Thanks to JR Whippet Rescue, Peanut will be the fifth whippet we have rehomed, all of them dearly loved.  The most pleasing aspect is the love and affection that Kai and Peanut have for  each other.

Two whippets running

Kai and Peanut together. Peanut is the black whippet.

A special thank you to Lilah Wainman  and  Sue Shakespeare who facilitated the adoption.


Jean Fitz

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