Petal and Rupert photo

Wow Sue, we had to wait a little while for you to find our forever people but you couldn’t have done better. These humans have been so easy to train. Our days are filled with food, walks, meeting friends and chilling on our own personal sofa. We do allow humans to share as long as a cuddle is on the cards. We have even met a small baby human called granddaughter but she doesn’t speak dog yet so we let her be even when she squeaked a bit.

These people have a house on wheels which would be our home when we travel to other places but not to worry as the seating in there is as comfy as our sofa and as long as we travel with the maid and the butler ( doubles up as chauffeur ) we will be fine and make even more friends countrywide!

Be assured we are very happy.

R & P

Thank you to Wendy and Kevin, who adopted PetalĀ and Rupert, for sending the above and the message below:

Petal and Rupert have fitted into a settled routine and have really attached to us. Even Petal loves nothing more than a cuddle. We never thought it would be so easy to adopt two dogs. They are already well known in the village and are doing their best to publicise the joys of whippet ownership. We would be delighted if another placement came as a direct result of this