Continuing our series on the fun to be had with a rescue whippet, meet Lamorak, future flyballing star. Lamorak was rescued by us, and rehomed by Keith and Julie Huggins of DogStar Flyball and is pictured here in training. We’re told he’s going to be very fast.

Whippet running in flyball

For those not in the know, flyball is a relay racing event in which teams of four dogs race against each other, two teams at a time, over a four jump course that leads to a flyball ‘box’. When the dog ‘steps’ on the spring loaded box a ball is released which it catches and dogs must then return over the jumps whilst carrying the ball. The jump height is determined by the shoulder height of the smallest dog in the team. Each dog must cross the finish line before the next dog begins and the first team to have all four dogs ‘home’ error free wins the heat, of which there are five. You can see a video of the dogs in action on the DogStar Flyball website.

Whippet with Flyball box

Lamorak is not the only rescue whippet Keith and Julie have on their team. Pictured above is little lady Melora, learning all about the box. And then there’s Arthur, pictured below (photo credit Paul Bennett of Dogtography), who is the number one flyballing whippet in the country, and the only whippet to have achieved a Gold ‘Milestone’ Award in recognition of points attained (15,000) in competition … Breaking News: Arthur has now been awarded the Ice Blue Moon Award after attaining an incredible 20,000 points!!
Whippet running with ball

It is a common misconception among folk thinking of adopting a whippet that these are dogs that need a lot of exercise. In fact although they do appreciate a daily run many are perfectly happy with one long walk on the lead. But they are intelligent dogs and are known for their joie de vivre, and taking part in activities such as flyball and agility when the opportunity arises is something they really enjoy.

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