Whippet looking over shoulder

Photograph of Beans and Tuuli provided by Rankin

“We have three dogs, Tombi, a Jack Russell, Pickle, a lurcher and a little whippet called Beans.

We adopted Pickle in August 2008 from the RSPCA after he was found abandoned and starving, tied up next to two dead dogs. Beans was found wandering by a canal in November 2011 when she was only two months old and we adopted her from an amazing charity in Stoke called the Greyhound Gap.

Beans has been a fantastic addition to our family; like all whippets she’s very affectionate, intelligent and playful and we all adore her. Whippets are really wonderful dogs and we are very lucky to have her!

There are so many amazing dogs in rescue centres who desperately need homes and it is so much more rewarding adopting a dog who is in desperate need of a loving home rather than buying a puppy from a breeder.”

Tuuli Shipster

Whippet lovers are everywhere in the UK, most are unknown, some are household names. This feature is one in a series that will showcase the rescue whippet friends of famous people and their families. The posts will be archived on a dedicated page, ‘Friends of the Famous’, and you can read the post about Jennifer Saunders, her mum Jane, and their whippets there now, should you have missed it first time around. We are immensely grateful to the busy and talented people who have contributed their time, and their words and pictures to these posts.

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