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It is possible, on payment of a very small annual subscription, to become a Friend of JR Whippet Rescue and receive a twice yearly newsletter from us, by email or by post. In addition to letters from supporters who have adopted whippets, letting us know how they’re getting on, and reports from various officers of the charity, the newsletters often include special offers – discounted dog-friendly holiday cottage bookings, for example – made exclusively to Friends. Life memberships (individual and family) are also available.

This is Moppet, pictured on her 14th birthday, and featured in the last Friends of JR Whippet Rescue newsletter’s gallery of whippet pics. When she died, at the grand old age of 16, her owner then rescued a fifteen year old whippet. The oldies are the hardest dogs to rehome but give so much to those who accept that the whippet they adopt may only be with them for a few short years. Moppet looks to have been an absolute darling.

If you would like to become a Friend of JR Whippet rescue please email Dot, or telephone her on 01475 522558, for further information.

17 thoughts on “Become a friend of JR Whippet Rescue”

    • I’m looking for a small whippet that has been ill treated and one that needs love also to get on with my border collie 15 months old Millie she loves other dogs can you help me Kathy

      • Hi Kathy,

        The best thing to do is to click on the Adoption Application button at the top of the website. You can either fill it in online, or download and print. Then send it to the address on the form. You can also call 01359 259300 to speak to the rehoming officer, but will still need to apply as well. There is usually a waiting list, but it’s worth getting in touch.

        I’m just the website admin, so can only offer the above advice.

  1. My husband and I would like to foster. My husband works full time as a teacher, but I am retired and home most of the time. We had a beautiful rescued lurcher for eleven wonderful years, Alfie, and he passed three years ago. I still miss him to this day, but feel it’s time to offer a home to another rescue. Our home is secure with 5 foot fencing all around the very large back garden. There are no regular visitors, and those that do visit very rarely, are aged 10 and above.
    We took on a lurcher, a year ago, but he had separation issues and was very possessive. Because he was an older dog, he was too set in his ways and I must admit to struggling with him, so he had to be returned unfortunately as his behaviour frightened me. I’m not a defeatist or a push-over, but he did have a vicious streak. I tried to rescue a hedgehog from his mouth and he charged at me, baring his teeth. Enough was enough. The hedgehog was retrieved by my husband, but it died unfortunately.
    Please let me know if you think we can be of help to you.

  2. Hi, we are looking for a Whippy. we had a lovely rescue bitch, she was 9 when we had her.She passed away aged 12. We have sorely missed a dog in our home. This time we would enjoy a younger one to enjoy caravaning with us and playing ball with our 8yr old Grandson.

    Kath and Trev Perry

  3. My wife and I lost our lovely whippet Flynn on August 26th 2021, He was 15 years and 2 months and it broke our hearts, We feel that we want to help an older whippet who needs a home as we still have plenty to offer one, maybe a girl this time.

    • How do l get an older whippet to give a lovely home to l have a 15 month old border collie would love to have two company for each other l do not work retired and healthy my self and my husband

      • Hi Kathy, you can download the adoption application by clicking the link in the top menu. There tends to be something of a waiting list, but I’m only the web admin so not sure how long that is.

  4. Pam cottrell, Bryan Dewi, Llanallgo Anglesey. I was unable to find another way to contact so put my details on this form –
    I’m a member of JR Whippet Rescue but haven’t had a Subscription Reminder this year. Can you please advise. I’m hoping I haven’t accidentally let our subscription lapse. Thank you.

  5. Good afternoon, I live in Cheshire, I have my beautiful greyhound, and weenie whippet their my life, but I have room in my home, and heart for a small bitch, whippet, around 4 years old, I’ve always had these kind of dogs so I understand their traits and needs.

    Sincerely miss k thompson

    • Hi Karen,

      Apologies for the slow reply, I don’t seem to have been receiving notifications of comments. I’m just the website manager but if you’re interested in rehoming the best thing to do is to visit the Adoption Application page where you can find the details of who to call, or fill in the application form.

      Best wishes,


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