Black whippet

It is possible, on payment of a very small annual subscription, to become a Friend of JR Whippet Rescue and receive a twice yearly newsletter from us, by email or by post. In addition to letters from supporters who have adopted whippets, letting us know how they’re getting on, and reports from various officers of the charity, the newsletters often include special offers – discounted dog-friendly holiday cottage bookings, for example – made exclusively to Friends. Life memberships (individual and family) are also available.

This is Moppet, pictured on her 14th birthday, and featured in the last Friends of JR Whippet Rescue newsletter’s gallery of whippet pics. When she died, at the grand old age of 16, her owner then rescued a fifteen year old whippet. The oldies are the hardest dogs to rehome but give so much to those who accept that the whippet they adopt may only be with them for a few short years. Moppet looks to have been an absolute darling.

If you would like to become a Friend of JR Whippet rescue please email Dot, or telephone her on 01475 522558, for further information.

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