Be aware: Watch those glass doors!

We have just heard of the sad story of ‘Tiggy’ who died when she was running from inside to outside, but missed the fact that the conservatory door was shut. Condolences to Belinda and Family who suggest that you might like to add some sort of film to the...

Blue and Bumble need a home

These two sweet ladies are looking for a sofa to share as their owner has sadly died. If you are able to offer them a home together, or would like to know more about them, please call Jean on 01631 566406.


Meet Beano, a ‘JR whippet’, and his best mate Colin. This photograph was taken a couple of years ago, at Daymer Bay in Cornwall, when Beano was about eight months old. He’s three now and Colin is just a year older. The two first met when Beano was in...

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