Jennifer Saunders and her whippets

Left: Jennifer Saunders with Olive. Right: Jane Saunders with Olive and Pip

I’m sure many of our readers will be aware that actress and comedienne Jennifer Saunders has a much loved whippet friend, Olive, but I wonder if you know about Olive’s best mate, Pip, a JR rescue whippet who now lives with Jennifer’s mum, Jane.

Jennifer most kindly tackled a photo shoot on our behalf recently, in preparation for the launch of this new website, and these delightful images were the outcome.

Jane Saunders and her whippet, Pip

Pip with her adopter, Jane Saunders

Pip was kept in a garden shed until she was seven and was bred from ceaselessly. She was unloved, had never been properly cared for, and was lame through lack of any opportunity to properly stretch her legs. Rescued by us from her previous miserable existence her first night in foster was her first night with a bed to call her own.

Since her adoption Pip has thrived. No longer lame she enjoys an active life with Jane and has been quite literally loved back to full health. Mother and daughter share their great affection for whippets and are happy to champion this wonderful breed on our behalf.

Jane Saunders with her whippet, Pip

Pip at home with Jane

We always need volunteers willing to transport and/or to foster whippets like Pip who are en route to their new lives. If you can help us, even in the smallest way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively you could make a donation to assist with our vital work using the ‘Donate’ button in the sidebar. Thank you.

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