My Mother has had whippets for the past 57 years, 17 in total, of which the last 11 have been “rehomed” with her. Over the years, I have used fair means and foul to extort a share in each whippet and as a result can happily claim they are half mine!

Rescue whippet Snoop sitting

The most recent arrival is Snoop, aged around 10 or 11, who arrived last October via JR Whippet Rescue. He was warmly welcomed by already resident Pebble who needed a companion after the death of her old friend. Snoop is the dearest little fellow with a huge personality, who took no time to assert himself in his new home. He is very excitable and it doesn’t take much for him to be dancing around wagging his tail and barking his head off. He has a rather unfortunate high pitched yap which he clearly loves the sound of. Sadly, his little body did not match his personality and he had virtually no muscles in his shoulders and thighs, although he was not underweight. He also had few remaining teeth which means his tongue pokes out while he sleeps! His physical weakness meant that he was constantly falling over – if he tried to jump up, he could not land on his feet, on a walk, he would trip and fall over repeatedly. It was heart breaking to see, but did not seem to worry him too much.

Rescue whippet Snoop sleepingHe absolutely loves his walks and darts about with enormous enthusiasm looking out for anything to chase. After 3 months’ of long daily walks, Snoop has developed powerful little muscles and now rarely falls over. When he does, he quickly glances around to see if anyone has noticed and swiftly swaggers on.

In the house, Snoop is always busy, is far too big for his tiny boots, and eats for England. He needs to be involved in everything. When I visit, he follows me everywhere. At first I wasn’t sure if it was to make sure I didn’t steal the silver, but now I think he likes me! He lies in the most peculiar positions with his neck and legs bent in unnatural angles. He has now decreed that when I stay, he will have a “sleep over”, which I don’t enjoy as he takes up most of my single bed. If I try to move him off my bed, he acts like a dead dog – his legs and head loll and he refuses to co-operate in any way, lying like a dead weight.

Noticing that there are no other males in the house, Snoop has awarded himself the title “man of the house” and behaves accordingly. He certainly seems to believe that the world revolves around him, yapping hysterically and stamping his feet if his sense of self-importance is challenged. He needs regular reminding that the title does not come with authority.

Luckily Pebble is pretty laid back and secure in the knowledge that she is actually top dog. He is the dearest little fellow who I can’t talk about without smiling. He has brought enormous joy to us and to Pebble.