We received this letter from one of our adopters, we love to hear how our whippets are doing in their forever homes!

I wanted to let you know that Luna is wonderful and adjusted like magic within 36 hours.  She is a very contented, sweet, loving whippet with a personality that is exactly like Bebo.

Two whippets in beds

She is enjoying plenty of daily exercise with Bebo and Diesel and hasn’t cried even once.  She only barks when she demands that Diesel play with her and he obliges.  She is happy to sleep in her own bed in my bedroom and likes both sofas, my bed, Diesels 2 beds, the furry hat beds on the other sofa, the rugs – she likes them all.  She’d like to get under the duvet at night but I think it is too soon for Bebo to accept her there.  I am sure that soon that will be her sleeping spot – I look forward to it.  I am waiting for her Equafleece coat and tank and a matching Holly & Lil collar that Bebo wears.  Then they will all have red coats.

So far, I have only left them twice for an hour and all 3 noses at my door to greet me on returning.  I think she feels secure because she is part of the pack of 3 and definitely enjoys the interaction, strokes and cuddles.  She has loved everyone who has visited or met her.  She’s an easy poppet.  We start training classes next Tuesday in the hope she can run free with Bebo in the park/woods. Thank you for the gift of Luna (now called Uno) – it is a really perfect match.

Happy dogs, Happy me.



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