I already had a whippet aged 2.5 yrs, and a jack russell aged 7, both females, when I contacted JR Whippet Rescue with a view to adopting. We were thinking of adopting another female whippet, perhaps aged 18 months +

Our “wishlist” soon changed when we met a pup that needed his forever home. I went to see him at his foster home, and the people could not have been more welcoming, their hospitality was second to none. Just a few days later, our new little chap arrived, Indigo, aged 7 months. He is the sweetest little boy, and despite my initial fears about how he would settle into our home, and with our existing two, he is now a fully integral part of our family. All three are the best of friends, and we can not imagine life without him.

A Rescue Experience - Whippets and a Jack Russell sleeping on blanket

I had never rescued before, but am so pleased that we did! I have been genuinely astounded by the amount of support that this charity has offered, and I can not recommend you highly enough. A simple “thank you” just cannot express how grateful we truly are. If anyone out there is considering adoption, then I would say “go for it”, we did, and there is no looking back.

Angela Malyon