I said goodbye to my two wonderful Whippets within 3 weeks of each other last Autumn.
Both brindle boys Flynn and Fly, and both almost 15.
Flynn was first, and it had broken my heart, l felt distraught and lost.
We had a close bond and I had him from 7 weeks old.
When Fly went just weeks later it was almost too much to bear as we buried him next to Flynn.
It left us with our 3 rescue greyhounds, but it was the first time we had been without a Whippet.

By December, Sue Shakespeare had told us about an 18month Brindle boy Jake who was in need of his forever home , he was kennelling at Clarks Farm Greyhounds.
We went over to walk him with our lot, he was erratic on the lead but a lovely looking chap.
He had had a tough time in his early life and probably wasn’t socialised so had some issues particularly with other breeds.

Jake With Pony

After Flynn and Fly, I felt for the first time in my life that I couldn’t have another Whippet because they are little ‘heart breakers’ and it’s just too hard when you loose them.

However, a few weeks later we collected Jake!
It was a long time since we had a young dog……..crikey!!!!!!!
He’s as nutty as a fruit cake and somewhat vocal …
Fortunately he gets loads of walks and has lots of freedom .
The Greyhounds all get on great with him ~they are very tolerant…
And he has become very good friends with our miniature Shetland, Dougie.

Whippet Jake With Rosettes

Jake is now very happy and has cheered me up no end, bless him.
And here he is at his first show winning Best Rescue.
What a superb boy. We are lucky to have him, thanks to Sue.

Karen & Pete.