Harley and Bella_2015-06-08 08.49.33

Solveig and John Holbrook recently wrote to say they have a new rescue whippet, whom they have named, “Bella” (called Twinkle in her previous home).

“She is getting on very well with our other whippet Harley. We had to have our dear rescue dog Max put to sleep in December 2014, very sad, he was a lovely dog (a Heinz 57). My husband did not want another dog, as it had been so upsetting and sad losing Max, but our whippet Harley was lonely and subdued – he had always known life in our home with Max so I thought “we need another whippet”.

“We were lucky enough to hear about Twinkle, who is a female whippet (age 8), went to see her in Hertfordshire and fell in love with her immediately and Harley seemed to get on well with her (in fact, Bella as she is known now, bosses Harley around!). She has settled in very well and loves going on walks around the grounds of Kedleston Hall and the local area. She is a lovely gentle whippet and loves being on your knee having her head stroked.

“Thank you again to Jenny, and Mrs Linda Jones who helped us with Bella, we are so lucky to have her.”