Diesel and Willow sitting

We were looking for a smallish mature male whippet to be a companion to Willow our 5 year old rescue whippet X. Unfortunately, she had a very bad start to life and as a result can be very nervous and unpredictable around strangers, both humans and dogs.

We wanted another rescue dog but knew it would not be easy to find one who would be compatible with Willow. We had been looking unsuccessfully for some time when we found Diesel on the JR Whippet Rescue website. He looked perfect, exactly everything we wanted and more so we emailed to explain our situation and express our interest in adopting him. From there everything snowballed and before we knew it we were bringing him home.

Right from the start Diesel has been wonderful. He is well behaved, extremely laid back and loves a fuss. He has settled into his new life quickly and easily and loves his new sister even if Willow is still a little unsure about sharing Mummy and Daddy. They love their walks together and Diesel definitely enjoys living in the countryside with so many interesting smells and new places to explore.

Willow and Diesel flat out in the heat

At home they are both content to snooze on the bed or the sofa or to play with the abundance of toys they now share. Diesel likes to play tug of war but Willow hasn’t learnt how to play this game properly yet with another dog so he will have to teach her a few more doggy social skills.

The whole family has fallen in love with Diesel and his affectionate easy-going personality – what a star he is! We are so happy to have him and so grateful to JR Whippet Rescue for everything.