This is Honey, she is our first ever whippet. I’ve had greyhounds my entire life and whippets are just small greyhounds aren’t they…erm not really.

Honey the whippet

We tragically lost our 7 year old Greyhound Blue in October, leaving his brother Jake on his own for the first time in his life. We quickly rescued another greyhound from Battersea as a companion to Jake but rather than being 4 as we were told she turned out to be 2 and still very much a puppy. After adopting Tilly it was clear my other half had been bitten by the rescue bug and was very keen to adopt a third dog. After saying no and telling him that logistically 3 greyhounds did not work with our car if we planned on having a family at any point in the future he came to me with the solution of adopting a whippet instead. I couldn’t think of any reason why a whippet would not work for us and so I started to do my research.

I contacted Beverley at JR Whippet Rescue and after a really good conversation we were on the road to adopting our first whippet. I was put in contact with Julie so we could establish the right type of personality that would fit our pack and straight away she told me about Honey. Honey was an adorable 8 month old little girl who hadn’t had the best start to life and had found herself in the rescue because she was a problem puppy. After hearing her story it became clear immediately that she was the dog for us, assuming Jake and Tilly were on board too…and by gosh they were.

Honey And Friends image 1

As soon as we met her the chemistry was noticeable and by the time we got her home it was like she had always been there. The so called “problem puppy” was actually just a misunderstood little girl with so much love to give. She is extremely entertaining and has already taught me some significant differences between greyhounds and whippets, like how unlike greyhounds, whippets like to jump (I found this out when she cleared the baby gate designed to keep her in the kitchen diner area).

Our pack is now complete and the love amongst our pooches in just heart meltingly beautiful. Honey is such a snuggly little girl who is full of beans and is now ready to take on the world with Tilly and Jake by her side. We thank Julie from JR whippet rescue for making the process of adopting Honey so easy and for helping us find this gorgeous little girl.

Warning prepare for your heart to melt:

Honey And Friends image 2

Honey And Friends image 3

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