Rescue Whippet Alfie

At the beginning of March, Brian contacted Beverly Smith at J R Whippet Rescue to see if there were any whippets available for re homing.  We already had Norman, a three years old dog who we’d had from a puppy.

Norman’s companion, Muti had a stroke in December 2016 and didn’t recover, leaving us heartbroken and Norman without doggy companionship which he was obviously missing.  It had been many years since we’d only had one dog and it just didn’t seem ‘right’.

The fact we waited for 3 months before enquiring proved to be the right decision as it meant we were able to adopt Alfie.  We were sent a photo of a very handsome brindle dog relaxing (as only whippets can) in a chair at his foster home.  We said we were interested, a home visit was arranged and carried out by Kirstie Smith who gave us the seal of approval.

The next step was to talk to Carianne to discover if we would all be compatible before introducing ourselves and Norman to Alfie.

After some discussion we arranged to meet and at first Norman was shy of Alfie but after a fifteen minutes walk together the atmosphere thawed and by the time we got home they were great buddies.

Alfie’s foster family did a great job and actually sent a large Scooby Doo soft toy with him. He still has this in his bed at night and I’m sure it helped him settle as it’s like a comfort blanket.

We’ve now had Alfie in our lives for seven months and it’s as if he’s always been here with us.  He’s gentle, affectionate and very playful, you’d think he was a puppy sometimes and the living room is littered with toys.  Loves his walks with Norman and evenings on the sofa.  He embodies the whippet motto, ‘whippet quick’ – in fact with Alfie it’s whippet like greased lightning and has caught us unawares sometimes!

We love this little dog to bits and hope to have many more years with him and Norman and it’s a big ‘thank you’ to all the team at J R Whippet Rescue for helping us and Alfie.  You are all very special people.