Ziggy was bred to be a racing whippet, but, some would say wisely, the only time Ziggy ever put his best paw forward was when there was something comfortable like a sofa in the offing! Consequently he was given to friends whose daughter was longing for a dog, and he is such a ‘people dog’ it is obvious that this move was a great success. Unfortunately his owners recently had to move and as seems to happen so often these days, pets were not allowed in the new house. Ziggy went to live with one of the girls he had grown up with but sadly her very young baby became allergic to dogs, so it was imperative that Ziggy found a new home as a matter of great urgency. At the handover it was obvious that Ziggy and his owners were devoted to each other, but under the circumstances there was no other option.

Having lived in a flat, country life is a shock to Ziggy. Whilst my whippets take popping into the garden when they feel like it for granted, Ziggy expected to put on a collar and lead and go for a walk. Under the circumstances he had to be separated from the rest of the family and so is always checking that he really should have the run of the house! He was reluctant to eat or drink and an early visit to the vet revealed that this was not stress but a serious dental problem, resulting in 21 teeth having to be removed. He proved a model patient and if I ever have to have a tooth out in future I shall think of Ziggy! He is such a happy dog, constantly wagging his tail, which at some time has been broken so it goes round in a circle not the usual side to side and is beginning to enjoy a “mad dog” whizz round the garden. For some reason he insists on sleeping on the bottom left hand corner of my bed, to my surprise there is no quiet shuffling across the bed to the warmth of a human body as it gets colder, but that corner is definitely his! Although he did not live with other dogs, this has not proved a problem, Miss Fish is delighted to have another admirer and Mr. Fox and Ziggy are almost a match pair so that at times I find it hard to tell them apart!


Although I was told Ziggy was 14, I was convinced that this was a mistake as he does not act or look like a 14 year old , however when I transferred his Microchip, Pet Log confirmed this was correct. I can only think he has found the secret of eternal youth and ever an optimist I am hoping I can persuade him to pass it on to me!