Welcome to JR Whippet Rescue’s new home on the web! We’ve been finding new homes for whippets in need for over 40 years, which means we’re three decades older than the first personal computer, two decades older than all things online (and significantly more experienced than others in our field). We’ve clearly got staying power but our original web pages were looking a little frayed at the edges. It was time for a change, and this is us for 2013 and beyond. You’ll find plenty here that’s new with plenty more to come. Please pop back often as we will be updating the website regularly.

Behind the scenes we’re much as we were, a registered charity* run by a dedicated bunch of trustees and volunteers. But our new online ‘kennel’ allows us to bring you more of our news and more of our success stories. Watch this space, there’s so very much more we want to share with you!

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