JR Whippet Rescue logo

Designing a logo that is representative of any organisation isn’t straightforward. Our hope is that the new logo for all things JR Whippet Rescue online both references our long established print logo of a whippet’s head within a blue circle and illustrates that with this new website (and our presence on Twitter) we are leaping forwards into the next 40 years (yes, that’s how long JR Whippet Rescue has been working to improve the lot of whippets!)

To this end we have begun to roll out new ways for you to get in touch with us. First up is our new online ‘Get Involved‘ form. If you are able to offer a foster home to a whippet in need, can help with transporting whippets to foster homes or elsewhere, or can assist us with fundraising, please let us know by filling in that form. And you may also contact us about donations, legacies, and adoption using the same link. Help us, please, to continue to make a difference to these wonderful hounds.