Most JR Whippet Rescue whippets are matched with someone from a list of suitable applicants, many of whom have been waiting to adopt a whippet for some time. However we will sometimes post details here of whippets who are looking for new homes.

From Sue Tyler, who has also rehomed Mr. Fox and Miss Fish

Ziggy was bred to be a racing whippet, but, some would say wisely, the only time Ziggy ever put his best paw forward was when there was something comfortable like a sofa in the offing! Consequently he was given to friends whose daughter was longing for a dog, and he...

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Phoebe, Friend of Maureen James

Phoebe came to me just before Christmas 2010 and was brought to me (I live near Market Harborough) from Powys by Elaine Day, of Celtic Moon Whippets, who had been fostering her. Because she came with her vaccination card, which contained her date of birth, I know she...

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Miss Fish – Rehomed

Miss Fish belonged to our very first, and now late, Treasurer, Joy Fisher, who died recently at the age of 93. This little black bitch is 15 years old and was taken in by JR Whippet Rescue after Joy's death a few months ago. Her new owner, Sue Tyler, lives in...

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Meet Max!

Isn't he handsome?! And he's now happily settled in his new home where he is already practising the whippety dark art of sofa hogging, as new owner Gillian revealed ... On adoption day, after we had filled in the paperwork and had a cup of tea, we secured his bed in...

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Zack – Rehomed

Very friendly fawn and white boy of only 14 months. He is house trained, good with children and other dogs and...

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Roxy and Diva – Rehomed

This inseparable duo, mother and daughter Roxy and Diva, are both in good health and lively, small people, very sweet. Roxy, is mostly white with a few fawn splodges and is 12 years old. Diva is red...

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