Layla’s First Year – Great for her & Great for us !

JR Whippet Rescue - Layla

Thank you to John Maillard for sending us this about the lovely Layla: 

Layla has had a very good year, as we did. Initial difficulties were overcome and she is firmly “At Home” here in Newark. Eats very well, walks a couple of miles a day and has put on a bit of muscle weight to go with a very shiny coat. Travels fine in the car, still doesn’t realise that cats and squirrels are for chasing.

Layla is a lot more confident, though still doesn’t like loud, unexpected noises. Getting her to accept us and our home has been very rewarding. We wouldn’t be without her, she is a real part of the family. Her appealing face is very attractive to young children and she is very good and patient with them – of all ages, and their mums!

Had her annual inspection and vaccination today. Passed with flying colours. Vet commented on how fit she was, in excellent condition now she is coming up to 10 years in October. Having her from the JR Whippet Rescue was the best thing we did, apart from having 4 sons!

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