We may only have a small, slightly grainy pic, but Jack’s a big boy and sharp with it. In fact he’s a joy, with the most wonderful, loving temperament. House trained, lead trained, and good with children and other dogs Jack is now settling into life in his new home.

Did you know that black dogs are amongst the hardest to rehome. It’s sad but true. And quite probably is at least in part because black is a difficult colour to photograph well. The contours of the face and details of the body are often lost in photographs of black dogs, as has happened here. But Jack is perfectly formed and rather handsome, if perhaps not quite 100% whippet, and impossibly loveable!

Unusually we have a birth date for Jack, 13th July 2012. He’s still so young! Luckily we’ve found him a new family to celebrate his first birthday with and we’re over the moon about it! With many, many thanks to everyone who enquired about adopting this lovely boy.