Friends of the Famous

Whippet lovers are everywhere in the UK, most are unknown, some are household names. This series will showcase the whippet friends of famous people and their families. We are immensely grateful to the busy and talented people who have contributed their time, and their words and pictures to these posts.

Nathaniel Parker with Lottie

Nathaniel Parker with Lottie “Our glorious mother whippet, Lunabella, had eight puppies in Spring 2014, we kept two, Lottie and Roo. Three is quite a handful it has to be said, but they are all so gorgeous. This is a photo taken, unbeknownst to me obviously, of Lottie having a snoozy... read more


Enidmouse Enidmouse lives with British portrait artist Stuart Pearson Wright and family: “Enidmouse has been a steadfast part of our family since 2008. She is a gentle dog who never reacts adversely to the indignities brought upon her by our three year old son. Yet that... read more

Sebastian Faulks with Hector

Sebastian Faulks with Hector Sebastian Faulks, highly successful author of Birdsong, On Green Dolphin Street, The Girl at the Lion D’Or and A Possible Life, among many others. He is photographed with his whippet Hector. “Hector is a seven-year-old blue whippet from Yorkshire – where... read more

Zaffy: Friend of Lindka Cierach

Zaffy: Friend of Lindka Cierach Continuing our series on whippets who live with famous folk, meet Zaffy beloved companion of Lindka Cierach, couturier and fashion designer. Lindka has graced our small screens in television programmes such as Ladette to Lady but is best known for the dresses she... read more

Jack, friend of Brian Sewell

Jack, friend of Brian Sewell

Art critic Brian Sewell’s new autobiographical book, Sleeping with Dogs, will be published in October here in the UK. Over his eighty years Brian has lived with and devotedly cared for seventeen dogs, many of them rescues and a number of them whippets or whippet crosses.

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Beans: friend of Tuuli and Rankin

Beans: friend of Tuuli and Rankin “We have three dogs, Tombi, a Jack Russell, Pickle, a lurcher and a little whippet called Beans. We adopted Pickle in August 2008 from the RSPCA after he was found abandoned and starving, tied up next to two dead dogs. Beans was found wandering by a canal in... read more

Yes, that is Jennifer Saunders!

Yes, that is Jennifer Saunders!

I’m sure many of our readers will be aware that actress and comedienne Jennifer Saunders has a much loved whippet friend, Olive, but I wonder if you know about Olive’s best mate, Pip, a JR rescue whippet who now lives with Jennifer’s mum, Jane.

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